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I am selling these Brand New Stalker Outfitter Lures, they are in original company packaging (Unrigged). There are :
(2) 12" Small Rodent - 1 black and purple and 1 zucchini (retail $42.95 each)
(3) 9" Mini Orignal - 1 black and purple, 1 zucchini, 1 rainbow (retail $34.95 each)
(4) 7" Mini Rodent - 2 black and green, 1 zucchini, 1 black and purple (retail $34.95 each)

RIGGED OFFSHORE LURES - All of these lures are BRAND NEW NEVER USED. Rigged with only Momoi leader material sized 150lb - 300lb depending on the size of the lure. I have Splasher Bars, Machine Bars, Bulb Squid Bars, Daisy Chains, Machine Chains, Rocket Lures, Machine Lures, you name it I have it. Rigging is completed with Momoi Line, Mustad hooks, top quality crimps(Diamond, Jinkai, BillFisher) and Chafe Tube. Please see below pictures for details. Guys who have bought my lures rave about the rigging. I have lures in Green, Pink, Purple, Pink/Purple, Green/Black, Chartreuse, Zucchini etc... the pictures are only examples call to inquire further. Spreaders are made with either 36" sea striker bars or 40" white water bars. I have the Machine bars in either 6" or 9" (green 6" only, rainbow 6" and 9", zucchini 6" and 9") Machine Daisy's are mainly rainbow and zucchini both 6" & 9". Please note that the pictures below are ONLY EXAMPLES of what I have, I have many many more lure combos, over 100 in stock. ​Note - All Rigged Lures are examples, we have many many lures pre rigged, in rig bags ready to ship. Email - [email protected] to place your order.
Bird Bars (splasher bars) $125
Machine Bars $100
Bulb Bars $90
Daisy Chains - range between $30-$45
Solo Lures - range between $20-$90 ( mostly all Stalker Lures)
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