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On board chargers

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How do you pick and install a battery charger/maintainer?
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How many batteries on board and get one with decent output 20amp+ the 15's are ok but if you do trips back to back the higher amp chargers will get the batteries charged faster. Guest is a good brand. If you have the room get a 3 bank even if you have 2 batteries in case you ever add one or just want a backup it is always charged and ready to go.
Xantrex/statpower are what I think are the best by far...but they are expensive and are usually for cabin boats because they are not real weather/splash proof.

they have an equalization mode for keeping batteries fresher and they have temp adjustments as well as different battery type settings.

here's a link...
We installed this one last year so far so good
I liked that each bank gets what it needs..
some chargers put out the same to each bank possibly overcharging the higher battery..

Also comes pre-wired saves time on install..

Capt Scotts link is also a great charger more money if I remember correctly more options..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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