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opinions please

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hi folks --i've been working on my new line of metal jigs for blues, stripers and tuna and have been wondering what people think is the best way to go for hook setup
7 oz. flutter jigs
size hook ? brand ?
assist style, two off top of jig or rigged off the bottom eye single hook and swivel

3, 4, 6 oz. fish jigs
same thing
already lined up my account with OTI for assist hooks i think their sweet, great quality and price.
looking for suggestions and comments
thanks tony
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They all look great. I really like the sniper ones.will be great for surf and jigging on boat.
Are you going to do dirrect sales or any shows over the winter.
Assist hooks

I really like the assist hook system. Allows me to change rusted hooks easily. I also like the idea of being tied directly to the hook as opposed to thru the jig. Seem to loose less fish this way.
bjkgaffmaster the jigs are available for sale and a few new ones are still in production mold status. flutter jigs are coming in a week or so
email or call if interested in anything
sudz thanks for the comments i was thinking i'll probably offer them in both setups to try an accomodate everyone --
most species they're designed for will hit bait from the front --others from the rear
bluefish guys probably would'nt like the assist hooks or feathered hooks
just plain hook--
Tony,maybe You should do like Shimano does and sell the jigs with no hooks,that way each guy can rig them the way he wants,just a thought

Hope all is well and I will be talking to You soon.
hey capt good to hear from you!
was thinking the same thing but to make my jigs more attractive to the
buyers i wanted to offer more..
adult add has set in and i can't think anymore :huh: maybe rig straight hook and offer assist hooks and rings for sale seperately
will be offering the assist hook line from OTI
talk with you soon thanks for the input Capt.
Send me a couple of each type..... I will be glad to give them a workout and post a full report. ;):D
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