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Nice to be back, and hope that the new ESPN hype doesn't effect our flow.
anyway, haven?t been out in two weeks and i hope that the fluke keeper ratio has picked up. with the full moon this weekend i wanted to see if any of you think that this will shut down the fishing much and as a novice night boater i feel more comfortable going out at night with the full moon. Anyone think an overnight trip might bring me some good results. any recommendations on times i should head out, or am i just better off heading out at the break of light. Any Bass out there still, or is it better that i just keep to the fluke this time of year.
Nightstrikes, i know you have had good info in the past on the night trips, any advice. Also i would like to put together that trip soon, but it seems like every weekend i can only round up 1 person at best and then it would be a little too costly. maybe we can bring you out on my boat and then it might be a little more feasible with the costs.

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Not so sure you will have to deal with too much moonlight this weekend,sure the moon will be 99%-90% visible from Fri.-Sun.and will rise around 10PM but based on the current weather forcast for Barnegat Bay you are looking at Mostly Cloudy
conitions with light NW winds on Fri.Ngt. and a 30%chance of showers with again light winds on Sat.Ngt...
That alone would change my mind if I didn't want to fish a full moon.
Best times I would say would be to catch the out-going tides,and that puts you on the water from say 1AM to Sunrise depending on what part of the bay you are fishing and from sunset to 1AM for the in-coming water.
There is a ton of bait in the bay now,and any fish there will be on the feed,and like Bob ECT said alot are small but should provide alot of action for you..
Another point about doing the night thing would be to stick to any lighted area like bridges,docks,piers etc...That's were you will find the bait and the fish...

Good Luck,,

I am not that much of a boat fishermen these days but appreciate the offer and would like to hook up with you one of these times,but over the
next month or so my time is very limited...

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