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Palmers bucktails-jigs-rigs

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JUST WANTED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THAT THE WEBSITE IS FULLY LIVE NOW! shopping cart is up and ready to take orders.
also a real nice resource and links page, marine forecast etc...
check it out
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Looks sweet.....i'll be placing an order for sure. thanks
Looks great Tony
Love the resource page;);):thumbsup:

Nice Job Frank!!!:thumbsup::thumbsup:
Are you going to be at the Ocean City Intermidiate School Flea Market in March?
thanks Captains scott and adam !!
frank killed it !

loopy --yes i'll be at the show with a bunch of product hope to see you there!
Tony, my pleasure. Web site is aces.

Sent you an e-mail, too.

The nice sight looks awesome. I will catch up with you soon to place my large order:thumbsup:.
Nice Job Tony & Frank, looks really great. Tony, the glow with the chart/white tail is the one......thats the one that put the large on the scale.;)

Will be in touch shortly, gonna order up about 6-8 dozen to get me started for the season.

I have a prediction......Duct Work/Dukes of Fluke part deux coming this July.:eek::eek: minus Pumpkin though....I was kicked off the team, they figured one and done for me.........:(:(
Reely nice web site I will be sending in my first order. TJ
thanks to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:bow:
Thanks guys :thumbsup:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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