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I've come across quite a few older Penn 704 reels over the years, and have seen that the shade of green varies a bit as does the amount of shine or metallic in the paint. Some are more of a blue green, others more of a mint color green. Did they change their paint colors over the years of did these reels fade to various shades over time? I have two here, one is a rather clean reel with a deep metallic blue green color, another is a lesser metallic aqua or mint green and yet another is a deep metallic but more of a green than a blue green?

These were all reels that came to me through yard sales and such, I've owned them for years, so I don't think any are repainted, if they were they were done many years ago. They also all have the same colors inside the rotor and under the side cover, so I feel that they aren't likely sun faded.

I also had a 704 with the brass side logo and white drag knob and silver handle which was painted all black. That reel belonged to a buddies dad who said he bought it in the 1960's.

Did the colors vary or did they evolve over the years?
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