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Penn Conquer Surf or Boat reel? What does everyone think? I have been thinking about it and my first thoughts after seeing it and messing around with it a few times felt it was Boat reel due to the hatch and the ability to allow saltwater & sand into the gear box if it where to get dunked or dropped in the sand. Now I have been thinking the easy of opening it and the ability to clean it and regrease it at will without much effort it starting to change my mind. My question now is what are the gears / guts made of and can they stand up long term to the rigors of surf fishing?


I was just at the Manahawkin Flea market and check out the reel. I wouldn't buy it seems to me that lil swinging door over time is gonna loosen up and eventually fail to keep grit out of that reel I would buy a slammer tried, tested and proven over the conquer . Got a great deal on a stradic 5000 to add to my arsenal instead. I own plenty of penns, Older ssms, and plenty of conventional that are workhorses and serve as my loaners. But I love my shimanos, 4 bait runners, 3 stradics, 2 tekotas, two corsairs , that are my go too reels when I fish.

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