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Well its time to narrow down the quiver and this boat sees the water the least. Time to go.

Local pick-up or I will deliver within a reasonable distance PM me first on where you are.

Its not fishing yak but it is alot of fun and just thought I would throw it up here first.

Perception Method Air .....

Length 7' 9"
Width 25.00"
Volume 56.00 gallons
Weight 38.00 pounds
Cockpit Size 33.5" x 19"
Paddler Weight 130 - 220 lbs.

You can throw your weight around without sacrificing an ounce of finesse. And the sophisticated planing hull lets you go directly for the heart of any move. If you’re a beginning to advanced paddler who appreciates big-time forgiveness in harsh environs, this boat’s for you. You can air out to develop and hone your skills quickly with minimal handicaps. In fact, you’ll feel like you’re floating...
This boat was purchsed in 2003 and the full fit kit came with it when I bought it and has never been installed. The adhesive on the seat pad isn't good anymore, but wasn't great when it was new. I have used contact cement on every one I have ever installed because the factory adhesive sucks and lets go after the water gets at it for a season.

The boat just never really gets used much and is stored inside in the dark.

Typical scratches on the bottom from whitewater use but other then that the boats is in perfect shape. The fit kit is NEW and uninstalled or sanded..PERFECT.

I'm looking for $350 for boat and fit kit. Retailed for around $1100 new.

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