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Gonna go get some grass shrimp for some perch fishin tomorow. Anyone been out recently?
I'm goin early in the morn, weather permiting. If anyone has an interest in going let me know.
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good luck eelball.... me and fshlot were gonna go last week but it didnt get as warm as we thought it was gonna get. let us know how ya did
Hey EelBall, tried Mays Landing today, nothing.
Tried the spot you told me about but the tide was way high and the access road back there was totally flooded out, didn't even get to fish it.
Headed to Tuckahoe and fished from land for a while, my buddy got one decent white perch. Charter captain pulled up and took us out on his boat, but nothing again. The new moon tides have all the creeks and rivers running full blown.
I'll try again next week, good luck tomorrow!
Ahhhhh perch fshing....You know it's getting close when you mention perch....It will be very soon when me and Eelfshier take our first voyage in the river...Will post when we go!!!
Flood tide made it tough to fish the place we wanted to. When we were finally able to get there the wind really kicked up. I packed it in early and haven't heard from BENT ROD about another location he was gona try. I may try again today.
In other words NOTHIN
BTW, I heard some herring are being caught from T-jetty in A.C.

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Thanx for the info eelball....Probaly try next weekend!!!
do these things taste good?

wondering if I should try and catch a few to fill the time until the bass come...

and what's the difference between yellow and white perch? same eatin' or ?
White perch are great eating!!!The difference between white and yellow perch is , one is white and the other is, that is just about it, beside the fact that yellow perch are found more in fresh water!!!...Try it you might like it!!!!

White Perch are actually not a Perch at all. They are members of the Bass family. Yelow perch are more closely related to pickerel which explains all the bones.

Here' a link for more info:

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Not to be a smart arse,but why do they call them white perch?They sure aren't white bass.There is a white bass and a white perch....They are part of the bass family,but thier not bass thier perch.... :D :D
maybe they're a hybrid from a white bass and a yellow perch fsh... lol
Just fired up the Smoker Craft.....I will be ready for saturday moring...Going after some WHITE PERCH!!!Took two pulls for the 15hp evinrude to fire up....Can't wait :D :D
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