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While these are not recommended for NC Bluefin, the Pioneer V-Tro Rods where a great hit for NJ Tuna Bluefin, Yellowfin and even bass last season.

I only imported one order last year, as the freight costs where prohibitive, but I have been to arrange for the Rods to ship together with Jigs and Plastics so freight costs have been reduced.

Pioneer has 2 piece 100g and 2 piece 150g Ultra Light 'Jiggers' - these pack and travel very well and will fit into the overhead compartment on most planes. Will fish bait just as well, 2 lengths 5'6" and 6" ~ under $200, don't think they are not great rods, based on the price, there are no layers, no middleman and my profit is very reasonable.

The reels are alot of buck for the money as well, very good quality 11 Japanese ball bearing (reel is made in China), handle feels good - very solid. Will be selling these retail for right around $200.

Two models a 8,000 and a 10,000

I gave alot of thought to which rods to import, and I do realize that many of us already own a 450g and 350g rod and since the market is pretty full of 450 and 350g rods, I will initially focus on the new V-Tro "Unrivaled" series of jigging rods in lighter "finese" jig models. These rods bring Japanese TC4 (tm) type technology with Chinese production to deliver a very nice rod for the money. All four rods will be retailing under $200 and that's with a rod sock, Fuji seat, Fuji K Series guides. They are butt jointed and extremely powerful. As the name recognition grows and the rods are more and more proven in the US, I will likely bring in PE 5 to PE 10 rods as well.

Pioneer was established as a trading company in 1940's, they have generations of fishing/import/export experience and are very well capitalized.

5'8" PE 1.5
5'8" PE 2
5'8" PE 3
5'8" PE 4
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