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Poll ! What Do You Think ? (Fishing Reports)

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Poll ! What Do You Think ? (Fishing Reports)

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Guys- I wanted to get a feel from all of our
member's on what would be the Best Way to Report
Our Fishing Reports From The BackBays & Inlets
in the HomePort Forum This Season....

There are really Two Ways to Do This.

1.) Keep A Running Weekly Thread for the
Entire Fishing Season.Much Like I Have Been
Keeping Up Over the Last Few Years (Cape/Atlantic
Reports).This way all the reports are in one
area and makes for a easy read...
2.)Individual Reports,Meaning Each Member
Can Post A Separate Thread About Their Fishing

I would like to run a poll over the next week
to see what would be best for the forum and our
members...It's Your Call Guys.
Majority Rules, So If You Like-Vote On How You
Would Like To View The Fishing Reports This Year.

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Keep the weekly!!! Easier to follow along.
Keep it the same. Cape-Atlantic, easy to find easy to read and easy to post. Just my 2cents. Keith the bagman
Keep the same format! It's convenient to have the reports under one thread.......Mike
I like the old way.
Why can't you do it both ways....Keep your weekly,then guys can still post thier adventures!!! ;)
I like your reports they way they are... read them constantly..
I like the weekly fishing report idea. It keeps all the reports in one place for easy review.

If a person wants to expand on their report or ask a questions to the board they can always start a separate thread.
The way you have been doing it. Easy to follow and you know where it is all the time. :cool:
The way you have been doing it is great. You write in a very interesting pent. You also do a great job of keeping it organized, and up to date. Keep up the great work. HAPPY DAYS.

can't live w/o my cape-atlantic reports ;)
Originally posted by fshlot:
Why can't you do it both ways....Keep your weekly,then guys can still post thier adventures!!! ;)
In Reality Thats What Would Happen.....
If Someone wants to post a separate thread
with their Report thats fine...
I just thought keeping A Fishing Reports
Thread makes for more Up To Date Info on
Whats Happening In A Convenient Location For
Everyone To Post and Enjoy Reading........
Much Like Whats Happening On Most Message Boards
these days....

[ 03-16-2004, 09:59 AM: Message edited by: NIGHTSTRIKES ]
It ain't broke, don't fix it.

Nice and easy the way it is.

Keep the reports comin'
Steve, You know my vote. I like the weekly report. Maybe it can be broadened a little to include our Ocean County Friends. Maybe call it the "Cape/Atlantic/Ocean Reports", "South and Central Jersey Reports", or how about "the Thread Formerly Named The Cape/Atlantic Reports" lol. You can call it whatever you want but keep the thread going!!!
Originally posted by Bgsdad:
Maybe it can be broadened a little to include our Ocean County Friends.
For Sure,Bruce..... ;)
the same way as previous years
Don't change a thing. Like it just the way it is.
The enemy of good is better. I vote for leaving it as is. I feel we should all post our reports in the main thread. At the same time I would hate to lose those individual reports because they help me a lot. A great example are the two positive striper reports in the Bass Forum, nice to have a report out and visible when I can't fish. At times focus on reporting only can be lost in the Cape Atlantic Reports and there can be up to 50 replies, that makes for some tiresome filtering of info. Seeing a positive thread right on the main page helps me at least. Just my .02 cents
It feels weird not seeing the cape/atlantic reports every week. I vote for keeping it.
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