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110 in just 09!!!!

WildEarth Guardians protects and restores wildlife, wild rivers, and wild places in the American West. The organization works to safeguard biodiversity by seeking adequate legal protections for endangered plants and animals. WildEarth Guardians has filed formal requests for a multitude of imperiled species under the United States Endangered Species Act, a highly effective law for preventing extinction. In response, in 2009 alone, the federal government agreed to assess 110 of the species for which WildEarth Guardians submitted requests. The group simultaneously endeavors to raise public awareness of the value of biodiversity and the swift pace of the extinction crisis.

What does the porbeagle have to do with the west????:please: These people are living in sheltered worlds I guess.Where is the scientific data to support there efforts??? NOWHERE IT DOES NOT EXIST!:cool:
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