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Public Comments Wanted On Fish Habitat Action Plan
WASHINGTON, D.C.-Anglers, farmers, county planners, conservationists, community groups and others are charting the future for the nation's fisheries resources one bay, one stream, one reservoir and river, one coastal wetland at a time. Now, they-and you-can have an impact on these resources at a national scale by commenting on the National Fish Habitat Draft Action Plan.
The fish habitat plan is an unprecedented attempt to address an unseen crisis for fish nationwide: loss and degradation of their watery homes. The effort "offers an excellent opportunity to meet the challenges of protecting, restoring and managing aquatic habitats on a national scale," according to the draft plan. "Success lies in local action, strategically applied and collaboratively funded, yielding local and national benefits-and more fish! This is the vision: Healthy fish, healthy habitats, healthy people and healthy economies."
The plan's Core Work Group will meet Oct. 19-20, 2005, in St. Louis, Missouri, to begin the process of reviewing and incorporating public comments. Input received after the meeting will be considered during the creation of subsequent drafts of the action plan. Core Work Group members anticipate a completed action plan in March 2006 as the final step prior to its formal implementation.
For more information about the National Fish Habitat Initiative, or to sign up as a partner, visit
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