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Posting spots.

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Just for newcombers. We try not to get specific on locations so we don't ruffle anyone elses feathers or step on anyones toes. If you wanna give someone an exact location, then send them an e-mail. If they don't have an e-mail address, that's there problem. I've been on here for 10 min. and seen 2 places that I frequent mentioned. A town name is good enough. Make people work a little bit, it's half the fun of fishing.
Now I have a SECRET spot. It's next to the Delores Cooper bridge going into Longport. It's a little pier. Go at night and park and sit in your car for a couple minutes. It won't take long before you approched by a guy or two. they will lead you into a small wooded area. You'll get lucky and get something.
Oh yea, Go commando, It makes for easy access.
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Good Post.
Originally posted by eelball:
Oh yea, Go commando, It makes for easy access.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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