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Anybody have the results? I know the article was in this past Saturdays paper, which of course I forgot to pickup, and they wont let me access the archives online w/o paying $$$. I dont need to see them that bad, however, Im curious if someone knows the final weights or saved the paper. Thanks.

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Here You Go, Courtesy of our Friend Walt Hays...
Thanks Walt....

The Press Fishing Contest wraps up the 2004 fishing season by awarding 12 first-place prizes worth $300 each.

A significant catch in terms of the contest, is one of the smallest. That?s because it broke one of the oldest records on the contest books.

Bob Eisele, a well-known angler from Leesburg, hooked up a 2-pound, 12-ounce white perch while fishing with a fly rod from the banks of the Maurice River on May 5. The record was 2-10 set by Carmen Bush of Egg Harbor in 1968.

Eisele earned the Fresh Water Division prize with that catch.

Black drum, that Delaware Bay favorite, ruled the inshore big-fish awards. Anglers who caught drum won four of the prizes.

Chris Kazanjian of Ocean City won the Inshore Boat division with a 90.4-pound drum, John Wolf of Riverton won Other Than Boat with a 71-pounder, Anthony J. Puleo of Hammonton took the Senior prize with a 76.9 catch and Youth Salt Water went to Steve Dickel of Dias Creek with a 79.3-pound drum.

The contest set up divisions for four of the most common and fan-favorite species: Striped Bass, Bluefish, Flounder and Weakfish.

Bob Cummings of Northfield had the heaviest bass with the 60-pounder he caught in Delaware Bay on Nov. 18.

Louis Cane of Brigantine won the Flounder prize with the 13-pound, 3-ounce fish caught on July 4 in Absecon Inlet.

Harry Rothwell entered his 21.6-pound bluefish in the Senior Division, but it was also the heaviest overall. Rothwell lives in St. Petersburg, Fla. That fish topped the previous Senior record of 19 pounds set by Mike Wydra of Millville in 1999. The all-time heaviest bluefish in the contest is 27.08 caught by Roger Kastorsky of Buena in 1997.

Frank Seder, another senior, won weakfish with a 12.5-pounder. He lives in Deptford. It was caught May 11 in the Absecon Inlet area.

The Youth Fresh Water title was also decided by a contest record. It went to Northfield?s Dante Bucci with a 3-pound, 12-ounce brown trout, which is a new entry to the list.

The 79.3-pound drum caught by Dickel on May 21 in Delaware Bay was the heaviest fish entered in the Youth Salt Water category.

The Women?s Division was easy to decide. A 125½-pound bluefin tuna not only established a contest record but was the heaviest fish entered by a woman. Sue Burns of Somers Point won the prize by smashing the record of 49-9 held by Connie Mandel of Philadelphia since 1976.

Bill Meyer of Wildwood is the winner of the Offshore Boat prize with a 210-pound bigeye tuna caught on the Lindekohl Canyon on Aug. 24.

There are only four contest records older than the white perch broken by Eisele. Walter Lubin of Philadelphia owns the oldest with an 18-12 flounder caught way back in 1953. It?s amazing that one has lasted this long.

Two of the others are: James Gilligan Jr. of Atlantic City with a 14-pound bonito and Charles Bliss of Atlantic City with a 67-8 cod. Both occurred in 1962.

There is another record that goes back to 1960. It?s a 2-pound, 8-ounce kingfish caught by John Boyle of Philadelphia in the surf. John Speidel of Ocean City shares that record. Speidel?s kingfish was caught in 1968 from a boat and is listed in the Boat Division.

Prizes are not necessarily decided by biggest fish. Records count. For example, Eisele?s winner was not the heaviest, but it earned the Fresh Water prize because it broke a record.

Mike Shepherd is sports editor of The Press and judge of The Press Fishing Contest. Call (609) 272-7180, fax (609) 272-7191 or e-mail:

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2004 winners

Striped Bass

Bob Cummings, Northfield

60 pounds


Harry Rothwell, St. Petersburg, Fla.

21.6 pounds


Louis Cane, Brigantine

13 pounds, 3 ounces


Frank Seder, Deptford

12.5 pounds

Youth Salt Water

Steve Dickel, Dias Creek

79.3-pound Black Drum

Youth Fresh Water

Dante Bucci, Northfield

3-pound,12-ounce Brown Trout


Sue Burns, Somers Point

125-pound, 8-ounce Bluefin Tuna


Anthony J. Puleo, Hammonton

76.9-pound Black Drum

Other Than Boat

John Wolf, Riverton

71-pound Black Drum

Inshore Boat

Chris Kazanjian, Ocean City

90.4-pound Black Drum

Offshore Boat

Bill Meyer, Wildwood

210-pound Bigeye Tuna

Fresh Water

Bob Eisele, Leesburg

2-pound, 12-ounce White Perch

n Permit, 3.79 pounds, Karen Beauchamp, Woodbine, Women?s Division record.

n Porgy, 1.69 pounds, LeeAnn Casey-Ariaudo, Egg Harbor Township, Women?s record.

n Speckled sea trout, 2.45 pounds, Mary Michaels, Ocean City, Women?s record.

n Little tunny, 8.95 pounds, Hollie VanNostran, Margate, Women?s record.

n Blue runner, 1.75 pounds, James Colbourn, Woodstown, record.

n Hybrid striped bass, 13 pounds, 2 ounces, James Fowler, Brigantine, record.

n Triggerfish, 4.5 pounds, Charles Donnelly, Little Egg Harbor Township, Senior record.

n White perch, 2½ pounds, Frederick W. King Jr., Egg Harbor, Senior record.

n Porgy, 1.83 pounds, Carl Belfatti, Hatboro, Pa., Senior record.

n Queen triggerfish, 2 pounds, 12 ounces, Michael Cruedele, Sea Isle City, Youth and overall record.

n Inshore lizardfish, ½ -pound, Harry Cottrill IV, Linwood, Youth record.

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