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Question about stone harbor, avalon

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Hey, I am interested in doing fall fishing this year, however i haven't done it in previous years because of school and other commenments. This year however i amd definetly going to do some fall fishing for stripers and blues. I am in philly and will be traveling down and hopefully be staying in some motels or hotels for the weekend. I was wondering if anybody knows of any good places to stay in this area for the weekends.
thanks in advance.
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I would try the HyLand Motor Inn (609 465-7305) on the parkway. Take the first exit just after the light for SH Boulevard off the GSP.
Stone Harbor hotels will be much more expensive if that is a concern. You can also try any motel or hotel in the Wildwoods for a more reasonable price.

Hope this helps,

Capt. Ed
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