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question for nightstikes

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how do I download my pictures when will not accept the size format of my pics.
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Resize your pics. Put 599 in the first number and the second will automatically agjust depending on the program you are using. Most digital cameras have a setting for pics that will be posted.
Thanks Keith,
I know there are some websites that download your pictures to the proper size then you need to save them in your computer before you upload to fishpix. You might try doing a search in the drydock forum for some archive threads on the subject to get some additional info.. I use a different site to store my pictures...
nacote man, try this image resizer from Microsoft. It's a free download. It will enable you to make a smaller copy of your photos by right clicking your mouse on the original. It's easy. You can then upload the new, smaller picture onto myfishpix.

It's near the bottom of this page.

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Thanks guys, trying to post picture of 16lb. drum and keeper striper from Great Bay on 4/14. Hopefully soon.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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