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Did anybody catch the Rack & Fin Radio Show
Yesterday Morning(Sat.)on ESPN Radio 1450AM ?

The Topic was about the Future N.J. Striper
Regulations and the Host had on the President
of the JCAA (Tom Siciliano) and the RFA Rep.
(Michael Deobley).Very Interesting Conversation.
I heard a apology from the JCAA for the Shot at
the RFA and some very good points about what
needs to be done from both organizations to
establish the future regs.for all of us Rec.
Anglers here in N.J..It seemed to all boil down
to Polictial Red Tape on why it did not get done
on time.And It seems that we can still get it
done in time for the Fall Fishing Season....

Will See.....

Good Stuff...


*And Don't Forget the Barn's Very Own Radio
Fishing Show-Check It Out.....
The Ardent Angler Fishing Show

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I listened to it. Very interesting. Politics is right. Including both the JCAA and RFA. Seems to me they should be on the same page whenever possible. Especially tackling the big issues such as this.
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