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Two years ago I purchased a radio controlled plane with intensions of learning to fly. Two years passed and I never put it in the air. Now looking to sell it to make room. I don't know much about RC planes but I purchased it from an experienced builder who only flew it twice. I paid $300 and now want to sell it.
I know back then it was worth $300 as I bought it on Ebay and after the auction ended two guys emailed me and offered me a bit more.
It is a Great Planes trainer with motor .42 I believe, with a 4 channel Futaba FM radio. It?s a completed plane ready to fly, all works great. I even have a glow plug charger and a gallon of fuel. There is two small tears in the covering on the wing. Should be a very easy repair.
The wingspan is 58"
I am looking for $175.

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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