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Ramp closed - Avalon Manor

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Bad news - Nob's ramp in Avalon Manor will be closed tomorrow, Saturday, April, 23, from 8am till noon. We will be putting our docks in for the season.
Good news - I can confirm lots of bass in north channel. 22 to 36" fish willing to take white bucktails. Out going tide is best.
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Thanks for the Ramp Info and the Fishing Report..
You're missing a great opportunity here FM. Free ramp usage for the day, just help put in the docks :D
Still can't get down :( Looks like I'm gonna have to launch one evening during the week.Will be there for opening of fluke on the 7th. I hope :rolleyes:
Yo Mike,

you know family comes 1st.... Basketball or Bass?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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