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Ranger RCI-2950 CB Radio In New Working Condition Frenquency Coverage of 26.000 to 32.000,The Basics are Dual Band Amateur 10 and 12 Meter Mobile Transciever.All Mode Operation-USB/LSB/AM/FM/CW Recieve Scanning-Easily Locate Activity Frequencies Within The Entire Band.Programmable Frequency-Program Up To 10 Of Your Most Desired Frequencies Roger Beep Multi Function LCD Displays Frequency Has S/RF/Modulation And SWR Meter Frequency Select Front Panel Or Micraphone Push Buttons.25W SSB 8W AM/FM/CW And Has The Following Controls ON/OFF,Volume/Squelch,RF PWR/Mic,CLR/RF Gain,PA/CW/LSB/USB/AM/FM Channel/Frequency Has The Following Switches NB/ANL,DIM,R-Beep,SWR,Split,Scan,Prg,Mem,Man,Ent,Shf,Lock,Up,Down

Radio has new internal battery and speaker
Cosmetically The radio is attractive with some scratches on cabinetry.
$ 150.00
Shipping is 10.00 in lower 48 states

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