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Really watch for floating junk

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I'm aware that you guys know the drill, but keep a really sharp eye out for junk this weekend if you go out.

I just took my Grady over for fuel, and a quick run, and I swear I had to dodge a 10 foot piling, half a dock, someone's swim ladder, the door to what looked like a refrigerator etc.

The bay is chock full of gak floating down the rivers/creeks and backyards. Stay alert
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ReelyHooked, Good Advise, Thanks For The HeadsUp.
Thanks, ReelyHooked for the reminder!!!
Thanks for the info, going out monday with frnd.
I was trolling down Bayview drive in Strathmere yesterday and I almost hit a fire hydrant. Then the marine police gave me a ticket for not yielding to a pedestrian. :)
Thanks for the heads up, but I think I'll stay home this weekend.
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