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Reel question

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I've been thinking of doing a few party boat trips this year, I've been out once or twice and learned the hard way about renting tackle. I want to find a cheap conventional rod and reel that I can take along. Since I'm thinking of going on a few cod and other offshore trips, I figured something in the 4/0 size would cover everything. I don't want to spend a ton being that if I don't keep going, I'm not out a lot of cash, not to mention I don't have much to spend either.

I was looking at this:

Has anyone had one of these? Are they decent for the price? What are they worth?
I priced all the name brands like Penn, Okuma, and Daiwa but all are big bucks. I am hoping to get set up for around $60 tops. I did talk to one guy that uses one of these for catfish out in MS, but has never done much more than bait one rod and reel up heavy and let it sit and hope for a monster. It looks like a good tall spool reel that can take up line fast for deep water.
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Those Riptide GL series reels weren't bad at all. They weren't super heavy duty but were decent and parts are still available from Pure Fishing. Their biggest benefit is the levelwind feature and the all stainless trim. They are a very comfortable reel to fish with and for light to moderate use they do just fine. I wouldn't buy one to go trolling for big tuna but it should be fine for party boat fishing.

As far as Penn parts, they are starting to get scarce for the older models. Since they've been sold the older model parts are being discontinued and are limited to parts on hand in many cases.

The Penn reel closest to that reel would be the 340GTi but its also been discontinued and was upwards of $150 when last available. This reel also has a lower 3.25:1 gear ratio, meaning a slower line retrieve. There used to be an aftermarket gear kit for these but I believe it's also been discontinued? The only other choices are either a non levelwind Penn 113H which also brings upwards of $100 now.

I'd say that if you can pick up a Mitchell reel for say half of what the Penn goes for, brand new, it's well worth the money. It's still going to be cheaper than buying a used, slower Penn 340GTi which may or may not need repairs when you get it. Both the Mitchell and Penn are good when it comes to corrosion issues, both use anodized aluminum spools, the Mitchell has Stainless steel reinforcement side plates, the Penn is all graphite construction with a single drive side plate inside. The gears on the Penn are larger but I have had a few Penn reels with badly rusted pinion gears from neglect in salt water usage. Appearance wise the Mitchell is a better looking reel but that's just my opinion.
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