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I ran down and hit the water after work again yesterday. I arrived to some fog, but decided to give it a shot anyway after driving 2 hours and visibility was decent. Still I decided to stick close to the marina just in case. I also had my girlfriend with me and with the ENE wind and the chop it kicked up I decided not to beat her up too badly running everywhere. Hit a couple spots with bucktails and leadheads tipped with GULP! without a touch. I did have more success using the engine to 'power drift' (Thanks Pandion). I had stopped on the way down to pick up some bait and chum with the plan to anchor up and try to chum up some action, but the wind against tide (in the spots I fished) just wouldn't allow for it. The fog started to get a little thicker and I decided to call it and head back to the dock. On the way I slow trolled a 1oz Hopkins in a last ditch effort to avoid the skunk. There was plenty of life around and bait flipping, but I just couldn't coax anything into biting.

I try and learn something every time I'm on the water. This time I learned to leave the girlfriend at home and fish harder. Lol

Time: 5-7 pm
Wind: ENE 10-12 (gusts 16-18)
Tide: Incoming (wind against tide)
Temp: 58-60
Depth: 15-30'
Lure: Bucktail (1oz) and teaser combo. Jighead (1/2oz). Hopkins w/ dressed hook (1 oz)
Bait: Berkley Gulp! 5" swimming mullet Pink, 5" swimming mullet Glow, 3" New Penny Shrimp)

Fishing with a pro Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Always a good time. Won't get back on the skiff till Tuesday/Wednesday of next week.
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