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I drove down to NC to test 7'3" Black Hole Silk rod rated to 80 lb for grouper.
The rod is extremely light (9.3 oz), but very powerful.
I used the rod for deep drop in 600' - 700' and the rod could handle 32 oz jig and 3 - 4 pound sinker for bait fishing.

I fought about `10 groupers with the rod. I was very impressed with the performance of the rod and felt the rod can handle even bigger grouper in 30 - 50 lb range.

I used so many different long jigging rods for cod, tile or tuna over 30 years, but This one is the best so far.
I am going to test the rod for tuna soon.


I lifted 10 - 12 lb grouper in high sticking position.

Here is a action video

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