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If You Guys Want Me To Feature A Kayak Fishing Report Thread in the HomePort just say so...
It will be a done deal...I can anchor like a
monthly type thread much like I do with the
Fishing Report and Bottom Dwellers Report Threads..

I was thinking about maybe putting together a
YakFest type of Journey into the Backbays of
Corson's Inlet sometime in Sept.,after the
Summer Boaters Leave the Scene....

Let Me Know If You's Are Interested.....

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Yak forum=Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes
Let's get one in the Barn.

Then I won't have to go to Tim or Jon's yak boards all the time.

Maybe if we beat the surf rats on the 21st we will get some recognition.

Repeat after me YAKERS, YAKERS, YAKERS!!
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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