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I have culled three rods out of my arsenal that I no longer use. I'm asking $30 for each + $20 shipping. If you buy more than 1 I'll reduce the price to $25 each. I am posting this on multiple sites, thus in order to keep to fair to all, please make all inquiries to [email protected].

#1-Shimano Compre CO60MHA 6'0" rated for #8-20 line and 3/8-5/8 ounce lure weight. This is ideal rod for back bay bucktailing of both fluke & weakfish.

#2-Daiwa Procaster PR52T-5 6'6" rated for #16-40 line and 3/4-1.5 ounce lure weight. This rod makes an excellant inshore sea bass stick. Could also be used for bouncing heavier bucktails/fluke balls for deep water fluke.

#3-Penn Power Stick PC3772 7'0" rated for #10-25 line and 1/2-2 ounce lure weight. This rod can be applied to variety of applications; drifting bait strips for fluke, drifting sandworms for weakfish even clamming for back bay stripers.

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