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Saltwater fishing license

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From what I have seen on this board a lot of members feel a NJ saltwater fishing license is just around the corner. I guess they are right. I have read the 2009 Delaware fishing guide. I found it very interesting and would like to share some of the highlites. First of all, it is clearly spelled out that the revenues from fishing license sales are DEDICATED to the sport. They go on to say that by dedicating the revenue, Delaware receives matching funds from the Federal Government. The General fishing license cost $8.50 and that includes clamming and the commercial two pot crabbing permit
Another nice feature is you can purchase a boat license to cover anyone on your boat The cost is $40.00 if your boat is under twenty feet. Fifty dollars if your boat is over twenty feet. Additionally, the boat owner gets a personal license to cover him/her on another persons boat. Delaware takes care of their Seniors. Upon turning sixty-five no licenses are required.
If N J would have a license like this I would be only too happy to purchase one. But expericnce has it that N J will try to nickel and dime you to death for a totally unreasonable fee.
It is reasonable to believe there will be a N J saltwater license by this time next year. We should be hammering our law makers right now . But I doubt we will. We will waite until they steamroll us then ***** like hell. Just my opnion. What are your thoughts?
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I coultn't agree more. Hwoever, we are our owne worst ennime by our own inaction and the powers to be know that.
Until recent times the hunting and fishing was a Division of state government and did not come under the DEP. It was supported totally by license and stamp purchases, fines, tax on ammunition, clothing, etc. and did just fine No tax dollars were used from the General fund. First hunting and fishing must be taken out of DEP and returned as a division of Government. Second give me one sound reason why we should trust these law makers. To hunt in N J is expensive with all the various stamps, permits etc. Now they are starting to kill us with fishing related fees. The first few years the commercial crab pot license was free not now. The striper trophey tag program was free then. Now it is two dollars per fish. Clamming is ten dollars. NJ doens;t give their seniors a brake on license and permit fees like other states do. If they institue a salt water license do you think any of the above would be included. I doubt it. This state will suck your last drop of blood. I'll go back to my origional post. If I can get what Delaware residents can get for $8.50 I'll go for it other wise, forget it.
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N J has only 50,00 hunters because in part people are being driven out of hunting because of the cost of the license and permit fees. If you are an avid bow hunter and firearms hunter and hunt the various seasons your looking at over $200.00 in permit and license fees. N J charges a senior citizen more for a hunting license than most states charge for a regular license. The tree huggers are winning unwittingly because of license fees and because of shrinking hunting acreage. At one time we had a heck of a lot more than 50,000 hunters.
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