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Saltwater fishing license

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From what I have seen on this board a lot of members feel a NJ saltwater fishing license is just around the corner. I guess they are right. I have read the 2009 Delaware fishing guide. I found it very interesting and would like to share some of the highlites. First of all, it is clearly spelled out that the revenues from fishing license sales are DEDICATED to the sport. They go on to say that by dedicating the revenue, Delaware receives matching funds from the Federal Government. The General fishing license cost $8.50 and that includes clamming and the commercial two pot crabbing permit
Another nice feature is you can purchase a boat license to cover anyone on your boat The cost is $40.00 if your boat is under twenty feet. Fifty dollars if your boat is over twenty feet. Additionally, the boat owner gets a personal license to cover him/her on another persons boat. Delaware takes care of their Seniors. Upon turning sixty-five no licenses are required.
If N J would have a license like this I would be only too happy to purchase one. But expericnce has it that N J will try to nickel and dime you to death for a totally unreasonable fee.
It is reasonable to believe there will be a N J saltwater license by this time next year. We should be hammering our law makers right now . But I doubt we will. We will waite until they steamroll us then ***** like hell. Just my opnion. What are your thoughts?
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Here we go again:

The estimates of 1 million fishermen is off by about 450,000 give or take a few. The estimate they are banking on is aprox. 550k not 1 million.

In case you have not heard or read: $.33 of every dollar that is generated from the license goes to pay for benefits package for fish and game now.

Whats to stop the state from reducing the budget that is already allocated to fish and game? State could say ok, license pays for everything and we now reduce the budget or eliminate your budget you currently have.

State can also raid the fund with monies from a license that are not allocated to Wallop Breaux. Meaning if the state recieves $1 million and the Wallop Breaux is only $700k, then the state can take the $300k. These numbers are hypothetical for those who can't see.

What happened to the money that recreational fisherman already pump into the economy by means of sales tax that was supposed to be dedicated to fishing. Where's that money?

Another tax or fee generated by the government for people to pay. :thumbsup:

You really think the state will open a hatchery with a shoe string budget?

There is no guarranttee that the neighboring states will reciprocate with NJ. Let's see it in writing prior to the license. So me first before I buy. :wave:

We need to get the Federal Registry mandate done now before we do have to pay any money to the Feds. We can acheive this by implementing a registry with a minimal fee to cover the admin costs. The cost is said to be aprox. $2 per person who has to register.

SWL is not the Registry program, everyone is trying to mix the 2 together and they are 2 totally different animals. :rolleyes:

We do need better science no doubt.

We need to fix the Magnuson Act first with the flexibility bill that is being circulated. SWL should be a last alternative.

An SWL is also not a fix all of fix alls either like many on here are saying it is. Better rethink before we go down a road we can't turn back from. :naughty:

Capt Bob
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CaptBob1966, A NJ saltwater license is supported by the majority here on the bass barn and I am confident it is supported by the majority of concerned saltwater fishermen in NJ.I doubt that many people have a thorough understanding of the Magnusson sevens act, let alone the flexibility bill. Capt. Bob, Do you know how much the commercial harvest of flounder will be increased if the flexibility bill is passed?

If you think 137 votes are an overwhelmingly number you better go back and do your math again as Capt Adam pointed out. :razz:

You did say some thruth in people don't understand the Magnuson act as many don't understand the difference between a SWL and a National Registry. :please:

I don't know what kool aid you are drinking but it must be good. :fighting:

I will tell you what-If you want an SWL that bad, then you can pay my fee for the license and I would be for it. If it's free, it's for me great. Stop taking more money out of my pocket that we work so hard for. :eek:

Capt Bob
New Jersey marine fisheries council voted 7-2 to support a NJ saltwater license.

The council may have voted to be involved in the process if that comes about. They are not the ones who will vote however if there will an SWL. Thats up to Trenton. :cool:


Capt Bob
I realy dont understand why the party boats are so resistant to a licensce? Capt Tb who I guess is the head honcho in the resistance wouldnt explain last year. If the boat licensce is $400 thats for everybody on your boat for a whole year. That is less then the fuel bill for one 1/2 day trip. Yet many people will come on your boat because they wont have to buy a license like they would have to if they fished from shore or rented a skiff. It seems like a win/win situation for the party boats if you market the fact that on "no license is needed" Please explain where all the resistance is coming from because a $400 cost spread out over the whole season with two trips a day is less then a dollar a trip out of your pocket. Crying poverty aint gonna get anybody to beleive in your cause.

I think Capt TB and myself have answered your question last time we discussed this topic on here. The $400 or whatever it will cost will not break my bank. It will be just another fee to the already many fees that we already pay in this business. When does it end? :huh: Anyone who is in business doesn't want to pay another fee to stay in business.

We pay our government so much money now in all different forms of taxes. Where does the money go that is already pumped into the state? Fish and Game was supposed to get funds from tax on tackle sales and fuel sales. Where did that money go? How much more do you want to shell out for the inept government? I know I am done. :mad:

We have a mandate from the Feds to get the registry completed but many people want to just run right out and pay more money for a license that may or may not have any impact on fishing. Florida, NC have a license and they are shut out of fisheries. Where has the licensed helped there? Still can't fish for many species. :confused: You can have all the open space and boat ramps you want, but they still can't fish for many species. WHY??

You didn't answer my question I posted earlier.


Do you really think that we will get a license for NJ and all of a sudden NJ will be able to fish for anything we want to? Do you really think that this state will build hatcheries like others had said and introduce the stock to the wild? Fish and Game already said no that will not happen. So again I ask my question above.

Saying the we need the license for better data will not work with us when we can acheive the same thing with the registry for less money. :thumbsup:

The only thing we agree on is that we need better data. Never did nor will I disagree with that point. We disagree on how we get there.

Capt Bob
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It was refreshing to see that the Cape May co. Party and charter boat ***. voiced their support of a NJ saltwater license at the council meeting. CaptTBs party and charter ***. is a little different, they are pushing old ideas that have never worked in the past. The free register bill that they support is a joke. The state is facing a deficit in the billions, there is no chance that the tax payers are going to pick up the tab.

If you read our responses to the registry, the Free Registry would have a minimal fee of $2 to cover administration costs to implement. So I would go back and read again. :eek: Taxpayers would not pick up the tab unless they register for $2.

So now we are pushing old ideas that the state has NEVER EVEN TRIED. SMART ANSWER. :fighting: I underlined it so you can see. Talked about but never implemented. Thats old ideas.

I wish you would stop drinking the kool aid where you are because it is definitely affecting your brain.

Why don't you answer the question I asked if your so for it? :rolleyes:

Capt Bob
Capt Bob, why cant you have a conversation/debate with out insulting people. Your Kool aid comments aimed at Bennys landing wont get people to back your point of veiw.

This will be my last on this topic because you guys refuse to answer the question that I posted. I have answered all the questions as to why I am against this and so have many others. The kool aid comment is because of comments as the last post he just posted here.

NJDiver, How can NJ make up for the 150 million dollars we lost last year in stimulus money due to the lack of a NJ saltwater license with a free registry? The money would have funded our first saltwater hatcheries in NJ.

Same as we will get $20 million from a license. Who is being realistic now?

I don't post much on here and I can understand why I don't with numerous idiotic comments that are made because some people (not all) just don't educate themselves. :eek:

Capt Bob
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