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anyone ever think how much it is gonna cost to send out all these registration cards?? the cards are waterproof and tear resistant so lets say it would cost a $1.00 a piece to make and mail. that would be roughly 12 million dollors:eek: as of right now, i thought we were in a economic recession???? but lets look at it this way they will make up for it next year when they charge us $25.00 to register:mad:. funny thing is they have some people who think this registry will help us fishermen in the end. let me ask you this, how many government run programs have you seen that really work??:huh: this is just part of the LONG list of bullshit the government shoves down our throats and we all sit back and say give us more please:nuts:. well if you trip and fall on your way out to the mail box to get your brand new shiny registration card it looks like the government can help you out with there brand new shiny health care bill or atleast in 2013 that is:rolleyes: truly unbelievable.~matt
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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