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yes and no

I would agree that if you have more than 7 or so years of experience (fishing inshore/offshore, get the magazines, do the boat show seminars, etc.), you will have probably heard most of the content discussed. I have only a handful of new tips to try this year.

However, I do think its worth it for another reason - getting out of the house and listening to some experienced captains chat about my favorite topic for the day. I could talk (and listen to people talk) about saltwater fishing NJ for hours with no problem.

Not to mention they do a nice job with having video footage and pictures rolling on wide screens while they're talking, so you can tune out and watch that if the current discussion disinterests you.

The free Roff's analysis alone pays for the $55 seminar admission, not to mention all the other free stuff, raffles, etc.

All I can tell you is after doing the seminar and watching Poveromo's episode this morning on fishing the Wilmington, I'm fired up for the season and am officially in prep mode for boat launch in April!!!:thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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