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Took Al aboard my "Bertha" for a day of fluking in Sandy Hook Bay on Sunday 7-23-06 from 06:30 - 16:30.

I started the day by netting 7 big keeper male crabs off the pier pilings while waiting for Al whom was late AGAIN! :rolleyes: Decided to release them just before we left rather than have them sit around in a bucket while we fished all day. I was surprised by the number of big crabs that were hanging around on the pilings and dock ladders.:cool:

First drifts were on the SW side of the Navy pier in 18-24 feet of water. Al picked a single keeper at 18" and a short before a large fleet of party boats and private boats joined us in the area.

Moved out towards the end of the security perimeter and the end of the terminal channel where Al added another keeper at 18.5" before the bite died and once again boat traffic got heavy. Made a slight wiggle and we immediately started bailing shorts one right after the other along with a few sea robins. I also landed a 4' smooth dogfish and a bluefish.

We were both fishing 2 rods, and one point, I had fish on both of my rods. As I was getting ready to hand off one of my rods to Al, I noticed that his dead stick took a dive. Instead of taking my rod, I told him to grab the third rod, since the ones on my rods were already hooked. Al grabbed the rod and brought a nice 27"/6 lbs. fluke to the net while both of mine turned out to be shorts.:eek:

Moved over to the TC buoy where I nabbed two keepers at 17" and 20" on the first drift, but successive drifts in the same area failed to yield any more keepers.

Ran out to the knoll which was fruitless and we even made a brief stop in Ambrose Channel which was also devoid of any life.:confused:

Finished the day with 5 keeper fluke, 3 for Al and 2 for me. Must have released at least 25 or 30 shorts. All were caught on Squid/spearing combos.

Wind from the W/Nw all day at 5-10 knots and water temps were around 76 degrees.

- Gr8ful

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