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Subject: SANDY HOOK - Private Commercial development of and at Sandy Hook
Place: Fort Hancock Theatre/Auditorium at the north end of Sandy Hook
Date: Saturday September 18, 2004
Time: 2 PM

US Representative Frank Pallone Jr. has asked for time for the public to be heard on the National Park Service's plans to award a lease of public property to a private real estate speculator/developer for 60 years.

Concerns abound for the following but not limited to reasons and possible impacts on:

Unimpeded and complete public access to all of the Hook's National Parklands
Traffic on and off the Hook
Public Parking for AND ACCESS TO beach, recreation, fishing, etc.
Cumulative effects on environs, habitats and wildlife
Full disclosure of financial feasibility, actual uses of and tenants for all structures, total build out implications and
Objective impartial environmental, archeological and traffic impact studies

If you are concerned about the long range and collective consequences from the privatization of public property This could be the last chance to be heard and counted.

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