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Saturday afternoon switch off?

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Did this happen to anyone else on Saturday? I was jigging with a friend on the Cock Robin on Saturday morning...we headed north out of the inlet right to Asbury Park, about a half mile off the beach...the fishing was very consistant all morning, everyone caught a slot striper and the bluefish were decent size, many in the 10-11 lbs. seems like exactly at noon the winds changed, the tide slacked and the fishing just completely died...dead as Dillinger...i may have caught one fish all afternoon...did anyone else experience this on saturday? ever just have the switch turned off on you on an otherwise productive day?
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Same thing happened with us on saturday...and it was around noon time ,it just stopped....we were trolling,along the beach front,and had caught about 12 stripers ......then after that,we trolled another hour without a touch!
Same here NMurph - & repeat Sunday - the incoming was great - outgoing was tough.
I think the winds went south around that time. I am not a big fan of the south winds. But where I was at in South Jersey it didnt really seem to effect the fishing.
I've seen bltzes stop after the wind switched south.
I've seen the south wind kill many a bite.
Typically, south winds haven't done me much good but if you got time to wet a line, do so...I did get into a nice blitz this Fall with a stiff 20 mph south never know.

On Saturday morning I was waiting for the switch to go on...never happened...only good thing was it didn't turn off either.

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