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We were sold out so quickly for the event last week that there were dozens of people who couldn't get into the seminar. Because of that, I'm doing another event on Saturday, April 19th @ 6pm @ Off The Hook Bait and Tackle in Cape May.

To forge this great event into an even better one I have refined and added some new content this go around to make it as potent and applicable as possible!

On top of our previous on the water film footage demonstration I'll be releasing a series of
live action (huge tog/striped bass/triggerfish) underwater infield videos.

I'm also bringing in a special guest as well...

My wingman for many years on the boat, Chris , known here on the forums as Bottomsweeper.

He comes to the table with over a decade of experience landing trophy Sheepshead, Huge Tournament winning Flounder, and an expert on sight fishing for large striped bass on the shallowest untouched flats of our region.

This is going to be the most eye opening, indepth and informative back bay seminar our area has ever experienced. Seating is very LIMITED so give the shop a call 609-884-0444 to reserve your spot. We look forward to you joining us!

Before I go! I've included two videos here to get everyone up to speed before the seminar. We have LOADS of content to get into once we get started. These are a set of skillset videos that will save us some time so we can go deeper into the implementation of these and other baseline and advanced techniques.

Another video I'll add the other video we did for the World fishing Network years ago at the beginning of my career.
Follow the page below and click on the link for a classic video to help cover some subject matter before the seminar....


This video is one where we had just one morning to come up with some sheephead footage and managed one in the 11 pound range.

The most valuable portion of the video is where I discuss the rigging and bait involved.
This site won't embed it so just click the link below. Enjoy!
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