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Hopped on a the Northstar with an awesome group to do some toggin saturday. Had to head 20-30 miles offshore just to find warm enough water for the tog to chew. I believe the mate actually said we were out past the 28 mile wreck:huh:..I couldnt tell ya my *** from my head out there once land disapears! Any way the bite started off extremely slow...It took many moves and hours of searching to find a wreck that had a decent chew. The capt did a fantastic drop looking for productive structure. The 2nd to last wreck produced some very nice sized fish along with some limit catches. I managed one keeper off the wreck and a short. Alot of bergals around too. All fish were on greenies or white leggers. I think there were 2 fish over 10lbs caught, i fell aslp before the pool was announced. All in all it was an awesome day on the water..beautiful weather and a great group of toggers...I will fish with any of you any day. The capt stayed out WAYYYY past our due time just so we could put a catch together on the last hats off to ya sir:thumbsup: It was nice meeting everyone and seeing a few old faces, whens the next trip:wave:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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