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Barnacles Divers that is and Capt Mickey !

Coming in from the Baltimore on the REEL STEEL in the SH/Avalon tournament on Saturday we hit a submerged telephone pole :( about 20 off. Must have been a submerged debris field there bc the MAIN LINE whacked something bad also and limped back in on one motor also right next too us. We made it back to the dock but with some vibrations knowing we can't fish the next day with the vibrations and its not worth any fish to damage the boat more or risk it. Ahhh WTF !!! and we're not even on the board for the day!

You know what, we need a miracle...its dinner time but Capt **** is only a phone call away...luckily. Let me try him and see if by chance he can turn our sewer water into wine. After fishing all day on the POLARIZER up in OC Capt **** showed up later that night like Superman and put us back in the game working his balls off in jelly fish infested waters until 12:30 swapping out both props for us. Mickey worked his balls for two hours in the dark to get us back in the tourney.

Boat ran great on Sunday ****! We got a white in your honor on Sunday and since he was a small little white guy we re-named him after you and he is swimming free out there. Couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks for hooking us up big time! I owe you one brother!
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