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I would like to give a two thumbs up to the crew of the LoneStar out of Miss Chris marina in Cape may for hosting a great trip on Saturday morning. The captain looked hard for the fish and kept us on them and did his very best to make certain all the kids on board had at least one fish.

Both the Captain and mate worked hard with a bunch of very inexperienced scouts - they showed a great deal of patience with all the kids that was appreciated by all.

All in all it was a great day (4 hour trip)for the scouts, many flounder were caught in the Delaware bay. I believe we kept about 12 legal fish the biggest was 19 1/2" and the lucky scout is pictured below. They ate well that night, the flounder were cooked at the campsite by the scouts.

I can not say enough about the Captain and Mate, their patience made it a great day for all the kids on the boat.

In a side note If there are any people - friends/family from the Cape May Coast Guard reading this post Myself, the scout leaders and all the scouts would like to thank them for a great camping weekend on the base. The facilities were impeccable and the people extremely helpful ? well beyond my expectations. Makes me feel very good about where some of my tax dollars are going. First rate all around.
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