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Scrapman Report- 7/16/04

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Well- Mikey and I got invited to fish aboard The Scrapman and we would be outside chunking for tuna.

NOAA changed the plans for us so we decided to hit the little skiff and go for striper/weakies in the early a.m. and then hit the flatays at the turn of the tide.

We hit our spot at first light and had shark city until Rich landed a shortie striper on sheddar. We went through 18 sheddars in no time. Water was right around 71 degrees and somewhat clear.

Went to all the WWB spots and caught tons of shorts. Mikey- was the keeper king with a nice 3lber and another nice keeper.

By low tide- we were actually crabbing!!! Caught a few nice ones too.

All in all a nice day in the back bays with good friends. Now- we're getting readt for the tourney next weekend. Hope the fish cooperate- and the weather.

Our lineup aboard The Partnership is Mikey, his Dad Dennis, and my bro- Rodfather- and me.

Look out Scrapman!!!
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Good luck at the tourney and hope the keeper size improves for you.
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