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Sea Hunter EEL'S Them Up to the North.... Bass Report 11-14-04

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Late call from Mate Duffy convinced me to fish with Capt Rob this morning, Figured if no fish Duffy's Comedy Show would be worth the fare. Wind was honking when I arrived at the dock and I was having second thoughts, but I was there so I fished.....
Rob headed straight out past the Navy Pier and right down Chapel Hill Channel, no life, proceeded past West Bank Light and down Ambrose Channel almost to the whistler bouy and still no life.... Reports from the guys down the beach were, lots a bait, no fish working it... SO it was eeling time......

Hit the Hook and Flynns Knoll, 4 fish on as soon as we stopped.. 1 popped off 3 were boated all over 34"... 18,21,23 lbs...... Drifted the area the rest of the day with the snakes.... picked a few every drift till 12-1230 pm, then it broke open..... Moved west on the knoll and dropped lines, The side going under the boat had 3 fish on as soon as they hit bottom, again all over 34".... then the out drift side of the boat would hook up..... Duffy, Meho, AND Capt Robby all got workouts netting the fish.... The eel bite was outstanding as this same scene played out drift after drift with the side going under the boat hooking up with at least 3 fish as soon as there lines hit bottom..... 25 fares, all went home with meat.... Can't even say how many Tag size fish had to go back cause there were that many caught..... Only 7 slots caught on the boat all day.... Took my limit, and Big John took the pool as he has the Sea Tiger to thank cause they didnt sail and he jumped on with us at the last minute... Also his pool winning fish (23#) was the second fish on the boat and had a nice sized flounder in its gut......

As always Capt Rob never gave up, and found the fish with good results.....

LASTLY ---> HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPT ROB You Old [email protected]

Pool was close, many fish at the 20# mark

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