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This ski low hrs on it and runs awsome,it even looks as good as it runs,Excellant!!!It has a factory flush kit and a aftermarket cover with two life jacket,included.This ski was used by a female since day one,there is no stress cracks,dings,fading or anything like you see on other waverunners,it was used in fresh and salt water,but as you can see it was always flushed and waxed after each ride,When it was flushed it was flushed with fresh water and salt away,witch is a great product,and keeps the inside of the motor very very clean.When it was not in use it was also sprayed down with WD40,and always ran with seadoo oil.The Ski is only used maybe 6 times a yr,and as you can see its very very 8564664295 or email for pic....$1900 OBO
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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