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Why is it that you cant sell striped bass, summer flounder, weakfish, etc. without a commercial license but there are some idiots out on the Mullica catching all the white perch they can and selling them. Is this because white perch are not considered a "game" fish. If this is the case then something needs to be done to correct this issue. Theres a report on about someone with an insane amount of perch and I've heard other reports about this through the grapevine. Pardon my insults but these people are frelling r-tards. These fish are schooled up and preparing to spawn in a couple months. I think its time to correct this issue.

In addition, while I have no problem with someone commercial fishing for certain species, why does the state allow the netters to harvest perch during the spawning season? Of all the times to open the season, the spawning season is the worst. Would never happen with stripers or other big time game fish.
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