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Nothing makes a boat look better then a fresh coat of bottom paint and a nice wax :)

Spring we be here before we know it folks, book now for bottom painting/ detaling and save $$

I am proud to say all of our prices have stayed the same as last years prices.

We will remove the trailer from the boat for all boats we paint using our Portable Boat Lift. We bring the lift right to your drive way or yard, remove the trailer, paint entire bottom, and place boat back on trailer. All of this without having to bring your boat anywhere!

The prices are as follows...

Bottom Painting:

$12 per ft covers all prep and paint (Interlux Paint)​

or for $9 per ft, we will paint your boat with any paint you decide to supply.


$10 per ft. includes cleaning hull, wax and buffing from the waterline to the rub rail. All of our wax/ cleaners are all meguiars and 3M. Your boat will be protected from the sun and salt all summer long!​

Special Combo Package Price:
Have your boat bottom painted and detailed for only $16 per ft!

Never Been Painted Boats:
If your boat bottom has never been bottom painted before, the price is $23 per ft which includes the following:

1) Remove Trailer

2) Tape and Sand scuff entire bottom under the waterline

3) Apply Interlux Interprotect 2000e as primer

4) Apply bottom paint

5) Return trailer to boat

Whether your boat is in your yard, driveway or marina we will come to you and have your boat ready for the summer season!

Call 609-617-1009 or email [email protected]

**Also, plan ahead for painting/ detailing. We do not paint boats in the rain or if there is a chance of rain. If it rains 3 days out of the week(usually more) all of those boats get bumped untill better weather so it pushes everyone back 3 days. If you want to be fishing April 14th, dont wait untill April 7th to book us. The paint we use is good for 90 days after its painted. If you want to fish April 14th, let us know as soon as possible to we can have you done and you wont have to wait. Thanks!

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