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Serious good fishing!!!

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All I can say is "Oh my God"! These fish came from DOA charters down at Oregan Inlet. Fished with Capt Donnie last winter and will be back down there this winter for some winter bassin! This guy catches fish...and alot!

Note, the 15lb fluke! :eek:

fished a split trip with rock head today. we carried the jennings party. we had them last year and had a pretty good catch of speckled trout and rock fish from the bobber hole. was a little concerned that this year may be a let down since a: we arene't catching any specks and b: the bobber hole has been dead all year.

well, things worked out a little better than we had anticipated. yesterday it took me 3 hours to catch a handful of bait. today it took about 20 minutes to catch all we needed for a 3/4 day trip. we went to the bridge and caught a limit of rock then we caught some flounder and bluefish and then whacked the drum and caught a limit of those as well. somehow i still got sacked up by aaron. look at the back row in the pic and take a look at the flounder one of his guys caught. it weighed 15 1/2 lbs. biggest one i have ever seen.



Phew.... :eek:

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Skip I was checking that out earlier on Oregon Inlets website. Pretty good for this time of the year.
That's one heck of a smorgasborg of fish...Rock, Drum, Fluke and some bigguns too 15 lb. Fluke :eek: Nothin like NC!

Dan, get any Fluke Sat?

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That isn't a doormat, that fluke's a carpet! :eek: Nice job guys.
Skip, I have been surfing the net trying to find a web site for OI and haven't found a good one could you email me the web site please.

Originally posted by Gilly21:
Skip, I have been surfing the net trying to find a web site for OI and haven't found a good one could you email me the web site please.

OI Fishing

and this guy!

Matt we just decided to hit the CM Reef. George was like here you run the boat. He wants me to learn. Its ok with me for emergency's or if we are desperate but I have enough to do running the cockpit. So anyway it went well. Anyway we headed for the CM Reef around 10am. I went to the bridge rubble since that is where I usually have the best luck at. I was dead sticking my rod while I got everyone set up and saw a couple taps. Picked it up and had a fluke on. About 20". It was slow for awhile until the drift picked up. Over the tanks we picked up good seabass action and 4 more fluke. We got some nice seabass. The 20" fluke was the largest. We didnt think the run to the Old Grounds was worth it since we havent heard anything hot plus the drift was crappy. The weather for the weekend looks nasty.
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Dan, not too bad, you made the right choice, not worth running all over for them now, all the inshore lumps, reefs, OG's etc.. are loaded w/ primarily short fluke. Unfortunately, there is a lack of big fish in the migration this year, and the big ones that were on the inshore reefs and wrecks split weeks ago, would have to fish the 20-30 fathom wrecks and rough bottom spots to find them. It's good you are learning to run the boat. it sure is alot of work runnng the boat and pit, ask Skip, he'll tell ya! But, you become a better fisherman knowing how to do both.
We just wanted a fun day and we brought the girls along with us. My girl was sleeping all day inside she was like this is boring as hell. I like running the boat when we are trolling which I did alot this year. Its just after I get the pit taken care of its nice to get a nap in. I know it will def help me become a better fisherman. And people are always looking for someone that can do both to fish with them. Skip is a piss fishing with him in the rips. Its great he sets up then runs up on the bow. He works hard for the fish he catches and that is why he is one of the best striper charters out of CM. Keep me in mind for striper trips I would love to go with ya. Gotta top the biggun I got with you guys a couple years back. Just make sure you invite your dads buddy he seems like a fish magnent on your boat.
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Hooper drives the boat chief!
Originally posted by Eugene:
Very nice fish!! Where is Oregan Inlet??

Outer banks
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