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Service Yahama 225 4-stroke

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How often do you all change spark plugs in your 4 strokes? My cars probably get changed every 100 thousand. Is there a big difference in the two?
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I have a Yamaha F225 and change the plugs every spring after running it for a few hours on the initial shake down. Can be done very easily even with the boat in the water.
Ken, I put 700 to 800 hours per year on my Yamahas, and change the plugs between 300 and 400 hours. I just changed them out with a bit more than 300 hours and they still looked GREAT! 4 strokes are MUCH easier on plugs than 2 stroke engines.
4 Strokes should be done at appox 2 years or 300hrs. Unlike your car they are sparking much more as your RPM's are turning well over 4,000 rpm unlike you car that is only 1500 rpm's.
Appreciate the come back. I have a hundred or so before I replace them. Thanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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