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Shark VS Octopus

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Check this out, found it on another site.

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Thats it!!!! You wont beleive it.
It's a fish not a shark look real close.
Does anyone know what kind of fish? Where was this filmed? Pretty neat.
Wow! Looked like a shark to me.
Nooooop look real close

{Hint} Eyes , Fins and Tail in this case fins and tail. Cold water FISH
Yes, I'm sure the TV show just feels the need to lie about it being a shark... With over 150+ species of sharks, have you really caught them ALL in your nets to know them so well? :rolleyes:
Look at the Dorsal fins you can see the spines. Look for yourself the spines are the white pointy object at the base of the fins. Yeah I have picked enough of these to no exactly what I'm looking at.
38 seconds into it you can see the spines clear as day.
Well in that case, its not a cool video. :rolleyes:
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looks like a dog to me ! dogfish
the strong survive.
although it looks like a shark to me, i will take fishpicker at his word

fishpickers experience is much better than one or two looks at a video

damm, it is still way cool

that octopus would be

the beav
Now if we only had about 2,0000000,000000000000 octopus we would be set.
An octopus has quite a beak to chomp on its prey once it grasps it with the suckers on its tentacles. I have watched octopus on several scuba trips. They are stealthy hunters. I believe that is a lemon shark, not a big one, judging by the size of the coral in the background.
Right around 50-53 seconds or thereabouts, the fish appears to show multiple gill slits. Do any other fish besides sharks have gills like that?
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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