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I could use some advice on fishing with shedder,
since I never have. Any suggestions or pointers
would be great. I hear people refer to tipping a
bucktail? Also, do you prefer using a plain
hook, float, or some sort of jig. Again, I have
zero experience, so even the basics are helpful.


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It will soon become difficult to get fresh shedders but if you do, you can use pieces on a plain hook, a piece (tipping) on a bucktail or jig.

There should be a great post from a while back showing a website that explains using shedders for bait.

Generally, shedder works best when moved slightly, don't let your bait stay still.

Good luck.

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I have only fished Shedder Crabs off the
Sodbanks in the ICW..
I used a bottom rig (gold hooks) and plenty
of weight to hold bottom and a good size rod
to keep the bait just off the far banks...
I would quarter the crab into four good size
pieces and I trimmed the legs off to the last
knuckle...Best Success was just around sunrise
before the boat traffic gets heavy....
I did very well during the months of July and
August with Bass and Weakies....

Good Luck,,,,
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