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Shimano Sustain vs Shimano Saragosa?

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Hi Guys,
I wanted to get some feedback on two Shimano spinning reels that I'm undecided on - the Sustain vs the Saragosa. I plan to use it mostly in the surf... for tossing plugs, metal, bucktails and the like. I love how smoothe the Sustain is... like butter... but I think the Saragosa has a stronger drag which could definitely come in handy in the surf. So, if anyone out there has any experience with either of these reels, please pass along your thoughts. Thanks! Stay Safe
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the spool design and ratio of the gosa is for vertical jigging, i would pick the sustain btwn the two for surf reel but for the money i would just buy a stradic i use a stadic 5000 in the surf and love it, feels just like a sustain and i saved 100 bucks. good luck they are all excelent reels
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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