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Shimano Sustain vs Shimano Saragosa?

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Hi Guys,
I wanted to get some feedback on two Shimano spinning reels that I'm undecided on - the Sustain vs the Saragosa. I plan to use it mostly in the surf... for tossing plugs, metal, bucktails and the like. I love how smoothe the Sustain is... like butter... but I think the Saragosa has a stronger drag which could definitely come in handy in the surf. So, if anyone out there has any experience with either of these reels, please pass along your thoughts. Thanks! Stay Safe
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Stradic for Overall Value without sac Quality

Fellas, thanks alot for the feedback on the reels. PCrab, I have to agree with you... I've had two stradic 4000's and they're excellent reels but I was thinking about upgrading to the sustain. Now that I think about it, I would probably choose a new stradic 5000 for overall value but I do like the Gosa' if I can get a good deal on one. One key factor that I have been taught is that if you're in the market for a new reel or a new rod to match up to something you already have, its a good idea to bring along the rod or reel and match em' up to see how it feels... check the balance and the comfort in your hand. You figure if you're like me, you might cast artificials about 100 to 200 times on a tough day. Thanks again & Stay Safe!
Nicky L
Spooled Up,
Thanks for your input. I agree with you. The Sustain is probably not the best reel for the surf. I don't care what anyone says... surf fishing will eat your gear up... you definitely have to give it a good cleaning after each trip. Most of the fishing I do... I'm at least knee deep in the water and your rod n' reel will get saltwater on it no matter. Now here's the kicker... the reels they make "exclusively" for the surf such as the Van Staal and the Stella are way too expensive for most recreational fishermen. So, I guess we have to pick something with durability, quality, and value. I would say the Stradic is a great pick. Thanks
Hey Nicky, what stick do you plan to put it on?
Right now I think I'll be using a 8' Star Stellar Lite surf rod. I've used them before and love the action and the easy casting they provide. As for the Daiwa's, I've been checking out some of their reels but I've never used Daiwa's so I don't know what to expect. The Saltist spinning reel looks like a nice one as well as the Emblem. Any suggestions from you Daiwa fans? Shore Catch, I've heard good things about the Shimano Spheros. It seems like Shimano puts out alot of spinning reels all in the same ballpark... the Stradic, Saragosa, Sustain, Spheros, Soccorro, Baitrunner... its not an easy choice. When they list the specs for each reel, I wish they would find a way to describe the reel by comparing it to other similar reels and how they may differ. Seems there's only one good way to find out if you like a reel and that's to buy it and try it! Stay Safe
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