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Shimano Sustain vs Shimano Saragosa?

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Hi Guys,
I wanted to get some feedback on two Shimano spinning reels that I'm undecided on - the Sustain vs the Saragosa. I plan to use it mostly in the surf... for tossing plugs, metal, bucktails and the like. I love how smoothe the Sustain is... like butter... but I think the Saragosa has a stronger drag which could definitely come in handy in the surf. So, if anyone out there has any experience with either of these reels, please pass along your thoughts. Thanks! Stay Safe
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for the surf I would go with Spheros as well. Great reel for the money if you are looking for value. Don't think I would take my Sustain around all the sand... :D
the 6000 is the perfect striper reel if you ask me-i could give you 30 reasons why prolly-the most important being it works 100% and when you destroy it banging it against boats and rocks and covering it in salt and s^&t-youll only be out 200$ instead of 800$ and the sustain is a largemouth bass reel.
Been using sustains for a few years and love them but don't surf fish much these days so I really don't abuse them like I used to.
BTW- I posted this on barn sale - I have two spare spools for the old style Sustain 2500 for free if anyone wants them, shoot me an email-
[email protected]
This is a post from another website,That was the first tuna on the Saragosa,so I would guess if you get one it should have the upgrade done to it,something to check on.....

The tuna on the Saragosa spooled close to 325 yards of 80lb braid in about 30 seconds with the drag basically cranked all the way down, it melted a plastic gromet in the drag adjustment knob an cooked the drag washers. After that first run the drag was terribly jerky and squawking like a wounded goose....made fighing him really tough. The saltist 40ld 2speed was awesome on the bigger tuna.

call shimano. they have upgraded the saragosa with carbon fiber drag washers and a new drag cap that is more resistant to the heat. they will ship both of them to you free of charge. not sure why shimano has not made this a more publically aware update but will definately fix the problem you described. congrats on the catch btw.
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